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To my fellow (new) BookTube creators… Let’s Make a Change (BLM Movement and how we can help)


Videos to watch:

Ashley (or Bookish Realm) uploaded this video talking about her experiences with racism specifically in the BookTube community over the last 6 years. I feel this is an important video we should all be watching as creators on YouTube.
Ashley’s video:

I sadly can’t find the one I watched, but there are videos out there that are “stream to donate”. They have ads in them that support companies and organizations ran by and for black people, and all you have to do is play the video! It’s a good way to support the cause if you are unable to donate and don’t have access to a library at this time.

Lists of books to read:

Some twitter threads of book recs:

Petitions to sign:

This wonderful resource full of petitions, causes to donate for, resources for protestors, and numbers to contact. I donated to a few gofundme’s on here, and I think it’s a valuable source! :

I’ll keep updating my videos with difference sources in the descriptions at this time. Please take the time to look through them, especially the petitions, the book lists, and Ashley/Bookish Realm’s video! Those directly help the cause and relate to BookTube 💛

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