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How To Dress Like A Fashion Designer

Fashion Designers dress in very diverse styles, but there are a few things most designers have in common, and it has more to do with how they get dressed, rather than what they’re wearing.

The three considerations for fashion designers when choosing what to wear are:

1. Functionality.
Designers tend to be no-fuss kind of people. They’re busy, and clothing that helps them stay comfortable throughout the day and focus on work, usually wins out.
The outfits they put together tend to be clean, and minimal.

2. Quality.
Designers understand the importance of quality in clothing. Not only do high quality fabrics and construction look better, but they last much longer.

3. Cohesion.
When putting together an outfit, designers understand they can’t just consider each piece separately, and put them all on and go. They have to consider all pieces together as a united whole. They consider the colors, textures, shapes, proportions, and details. Then they consider how the pieces complement, or contrast each other.

BONUS consideration: Consistency.
Take the 3 considerations above, functionality, quality, and cohesion, and find your ideal wardrobe, and then wear it every day. Be consistent in what you wear. When you find something that works, stick with it.

This essentially will become your daily uniform. Most fashion designers have a daily uniform because they found a style that works for them, and they stuck with it. Your style can look like whatever you want it to be. You can dress like Alexander Wang, or Betsey Johnson. It doesn’t matter what you look like, as long as it works for you.

What would be your daily uniform?
Let me know below in the comments!

Hi, I’m Emily. I approach fashion topics from a designer’s point of view. Fashion designers are vastly under-represented in fashion media. I’m here to give us a voice.

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