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Aziz Naser Sells Black Tickets Comedy – Hyderabad Nawabs Movie Scenes

Watch Superhit Comedy HYDERABAD NAVABS (హైదరాబద్ నవాబ్స్ ) 2006 Movie Scenes.

Cast & Crew –
Banner: Utopia Entertainers
Cast: Aziz Nasar, Masti Ali, Raju Shrivastav, RK, Stuti Misra, Vandana, Hari, Raghu, Basha
Direction: Lakshmikanth Chenna
Producer: R.K
Music: Viswa

Synopsis –
Pappu (Aziz Nasar) jahangir)and Munna (Masti Ali)(Salim Faku) are orphans and grew up on thei(r own in a local atmosphere in Hyderabad. While Pappu while away his time near the women’s college teasing girls, Munna sells tickets in black at Ramakrishna theatre. Though they are little mischievous, they are good at heart. The two guys fall in love with Nazma (Stuti Mishra) and Reshma (Vandana). The girls’ father Haneef Bhai (Ismail) is a miser and is popular as Murgi Chor in Murgi Chowk. However, he wants to get his daughters married to rich boys and send them to the US. One Sajid is always after Haneef to betroth the latter’s daughters to his sons Arif (Raghu) and Anwar (Basha) claiming that they just returned from the US. In fact, they are pickpockets and return from Chanchalguda jail after a five-month term.

On the other side, there are two local gangs. One led by Yadav alias Mama (Raju Shrivastav) of Dhoolpet and another led by Ajju Tejab (Hari) of Mangalhat. Both are rivals and want to attack each other at an appropriate time. Knowing that Arif and Anwar are pickpockets, Pappu and Munna want their lovers not to marry them. This is despite Haneef performs engagement of his daughters with Arif and Anwar.

So Pappu and Munna take the help of Mama, while the others meet Ajju to settle the scores. Finally, Pappu and Munna were able to prove that Arif and Anwar were petty thieves. At the same time, they manage to prove themselves with the help of a drama artiste, that they were the sons of an NRI and get the nod of Haneef to marry his daughters to them. The film ends on a happy note.

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