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Chinchin / Nigerian snack/ African food Recipes. how to make chin chin (Back To School Series)

Hey loves thank you for stopping by. Its back to school season and I’ll be bringing you some easy Nigerian snacks recipes that could be packed for snacks for your kids.


To make this Chinchin, you will need:

1.. 7 Cups of all purpose flour ( plus 1 extra cup for sprinkling)

2.. 350g of insulted butter( softened)

3.. One and half cups of sugar

4.. Half teaspoon of salt

5.. Half tablespoon of nutmeg

6..Half teaspoon of baking powder

7.. I cup of whole milk

8.. 2 eggs.

9.. Half teaspoon canola (optional)

10. Rolling pin

11. Pizza cutter

12. Oil for deep frying.

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