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The New Alamein City | Egypt's New Future City on the Mediterranean Sea | مدينة العلمين الجديدة

The New Alamein City, Egypt’s New Future City on the Mediterranean Sea Coast – مدينة العلمين الجديدة
Many People Might Think of World War Two and the Famous First and Second Battles of Alamein Between the Allies and the Axis Powers and the Alamein Military Museum When They Hear the Word Alamein, However, the Image of Alamein May Be Changing as the Area Experiences a Cultural and Touristic Boom, Making What Was Once a Scene of Warfare, Death and Destruction an International Tourist Destination on Egypt’s Mediterranean Coast.

Located on Egypt’s Northwest Coast, the New Alamein City is Advertised as the “new Riviera” and the First of the Egypt’s New Million Cities Established on an Area of 50,000 Acres, It Aims to Host Over 6 Million Residents, the City Comes With a New Concept of an Open Tourism City on the North Coast, Taking a Different Approach Than the Many Luxurious Private Resorts Spread Across the Mediterranean Sea Coast in Egypt, the Ministry of Antiquities Has Even Relocated the “Ramses the Second” Obelisk From Cairo to the New City in a Strong Marketing Move. New Alamein is Expected to Be Egypt’s Second Capital.

The Egyptian Government Selected a Prestigious Site on the North Western Coast to Host the New City, Which is Expected to Set a New Benchmark, and a Model for the New Generation of Sustainable Cities in Africa. In Fact, the Site is Rich With Its Natural, and Historical Resources

The Site Has a Waterfront on the Mediterranean That Extends 14 Km. It Includes the World War Two Cemeteries’ Historical Site. The Desert Expands to Host the New City, and Its Activities, and a Possible Agricultural Hinterland.

Although New Cities Have Had Long History in Egypt, Yet the Challenges to Build a Successful, Sustainable, and an Attractive New City Are Debatable, Achieving Sustainable Development in Egypt Implies Overcoming Multiple Challenges. The Most Pressing Challenges Are Institutional, Financial, and Managerial, as Well as One of the Big Challenges That Faces New Cities is How to Create a Unique Identity for the New City, While Providing a Better Life Quality for It’s Citizens, Together With Establishing an International Attractive Venue for Cultural, and Leisure Tourism.

The City’s Master Plan is Structured in Three Main Parts. The First Part Consists of the Vision Development Derived From the Regional Context. The Second Part Deals With the Strategy of Sustainable Development in the City, the Last, and Third Part Visualizes the Planning Concept Including the Use of Attractive Public Spaces, Strong Public Realm Landmarks, Effective Connectivity Between Public Buildings, and Vibrant Neighborhoods.

Currently, a Large Number of Projects Are Being Established on the 8,000 Acres First Phase of the New City Including a Presidential Palace, Residential Neighborhoods, Government Buildings, Commercial and Entertainment Hubs, Schools, Two Universities, 16 Hotels and Resorts, Sports Clubs, a Culture Complex, Theaters, a Scientific Research Center, a Business Center, a Yacht Harbor and an Ambitious Classic Alexandria-like Neighborhood Under the Name of the Latin Quarter.

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