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Black Culture in Fashion (Sneakers, Streetwear, Luxury/High Fashion) Fashion Normie Discussions Ep 4

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In today’s video, I talk about the influence and history of black culture in fashion as we know it today. I wanted to put out this information, as I feel that there may be some people who take part in this culture, but don’t necessarily know of or understand the history that is rooted in black culture.

I talk about its influence on sneaker culture, from basketball stars like Michael Jordan, to hip hop artists like Run DMC. I also talk about its influence on streetwear, with signature looks from hip hop artists like Biggie Smalls Coogi Sweater, as well as him and Tupac popularising Timberlands, which are still a staple in New York street fashion today.

I then discuss the changing landscape of streetwear today, with elements of high fashion being incorporated, and it’s roots in hip hop culture in the 80s, from influential figures like Jean Michel Basquiat and Dapper Dan. Towards, the end, I discuss how unfortunately, the black community has often been discriminated against through the clothes that they wear, as well as through their music and culture.

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0:00 Introduction
1:35 Influence on sneaker culture
6:21 Influence on streetwear
9:15 Hip hop and luxury/high fashion?
10:31 Discrimination against black communities

Music is by Barradeen – me haces feliz.


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