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Destination Adventure – The Best Adventures in South Africa

Dave and Deb of The Planet D give us a list of their favourite adventures in South Africa.
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From kayaking with crocodiles, to safaris, to flying over Durban in a microlight, plenty of adventures await in South Africa…the rainbow nation!
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We love South Africa
so we decided that we want to share with you
some of the favourite adventures that we’ve done on the Garden Route

The first thing we have to start off with for sure
for me is diving with Great White Sharks
that was amazing down in Gansbaai
getting into the cage getting into the water
only ten minutes off the shore
something you have to do

It’s a great way to get up close and personal
and learn about Great White Shark conservation

When you’re in South Africa
you definitely have to go on safari
We went to the Kariega Game Reserve
which is a private game reserve
which is fantastic because you can really
get up and close to those animals

There are all types of safaris you can go on as well
we went on a horse safari and we went on a night safari
and that was up near St. Lucia in the wetlands

Now if you’re looking for some high flying adventure
I highly recommend taking a Microlight flight over Durban
what a great way to see that beautiful South African coastline
and get a good idea of exactly the size of Durban

South Africa I believe is Africa’s adventure capital
and when you’re there you can do all kinds of things from
bungee jumping to gorge swings
but we went on a canopy tour
a little more relaxed
and you can go zip lining
and do a few fun things in the jungle
that’s a really great idea

And if you’re looking for something really different while you’re in South Africa
why not try some sand boarding
you can do this just outside of Cape Town
where there’s these massive dunes
now let me tell you
it’s a little labour intensive
but the rewards are well worth it

One of the craziest adventures that we did
was kayaking with crocodiles
I mean what were we thinking?
there were hippos in the water
there were crocodiles in the water
and here we were on little kayaks
kayaking through the water

Another great thing to do in South Africa is
to go to the Cango Ostrich Farm
it’s right near the Cango Caves
pretty wild you’ve got to go there too
and go through the adventure caving
which is skinny and scary

only she could do it not me

but when you go to the ostrich farm
you learn about how ostriches are raised
you may even be able to ride one if you under 60kg
and you can also feed the ostriches and that’s a lot of fun

So those are our favourite adventures in South Africa
do you have any favourites?
Share them with us in the comments below!

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