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Easy DIY/Dollar Tree African Decor End Table!

Got time for an easy DIY, African mudcloth inspired end table? Then watch me!

Inspiration: African Decor

Furniture Paint: Lowes or Home Depot – $20 quart
Acrylic Paint: Dollar Tree or Walmart – .50 – $1
Art Paint Brushes: Dollar Tree or Walmart – $1 – $5
Regular Paint Brush: Dollart Tree – $1
Foam Brushes: Dollar Tree – $1
Polyurethane: Lowes or Home Depot – $9.99 can
Felt Furniture Pads: Dollar Tree – $1
Round Accent Table:

Thanks for watching! I hope my crafts and DIY projects inspire you to bring out your creative being.
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And always remember, if your money is funny, make it yourself honey!

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Music: Ohayo
Musician: Hani Koi

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