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Building Event Driven Services with Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams by Ben Stopford

Event Driven Services come in many shapes and sizes from tiny functions that dip into an event stream, right through to heavy, stateful services. This talk makes the case for building such services, be they large or small, using a streaming platform. We will walk through a number of patterns for putting these together using a distributed log, the Kafka Streams API and it’s transactional guarantees.

# Ben Stopford
Ben is an engineer and architect working on the Apache Kafka Core Team at Confluent Inc (the commercial company behind Apache Kafka). He’s worked with distributed data infrastructure for over a decade, switching between engineering products and helping companies use them. Before Confluent he designed and built a central streaming database for a large investment bank. His earlier career spanned a variety of projects at Thoughtworks and UK-based enterprise companies. Find out more at

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