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Clinothem architecture and sediment distribution in exhumed basin margin successions

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Miquel Poyatos Moré – University of Oslo

Clinothems are the building blocks of basin margin successions, and can be subdivided into three physiographic segments: shelf (topset), slope (foreset) and basin floor (bottomset). These segments are defined according to the position of sedimentary transition zones, like the shelf-edge rollover and base of slope. These are zones with breaks in clinoform gradient, and their stratigraphic record and trajectory provide information about the balance between accommodation versus sediment supply, and sedimentary process interactions. However, the complete record of individual clinothems is rarely documented, mainly due to outcrop or subsurface dataset limitations. The Karoo Basin, in South Africa, exposes exhumed basin-margin scale clinothems with local across-strike control, which allows a) to provide sub-seismic characterization of topset-foreset-bottomset deposits along the same basin margin clinothem; b) to locate sedimentary transition zones and study the facies distribution both down depositional dip and across depositional strike; c) to establish the sequence stratigraphy of a margin transitioning from erosional- to accretionary-dominated; and d) to discuss wider implications for stratigraphic models of basin evolution.

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