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Ghana Trip Tips with Love to African Mothers

I dedicate this video to all the moms out there and specially to the moms of Africa! ❤️❤️❤️
Don’t forget to take the Yellow Fever vaccine Injection before flying and bring the certificate with you, otherwise you will have to take it at the airport before you enter! 😊

Accra Airport is a very nice well organized airport with a lot of welcoming faces and smooth check in. In case you lost your bag after a delayed arrival because of changing your flight and boarding on another aircraft, after reposting it to the Lost and found office inside the airport close to the bags belts, you can also check to the external luggage lost and found office which is on your left when you go out of the airport building. It is hidden by a Pilar so you need to pass it and you will see it at the left end.
If you are coming on a business trip booking at the hotels close to the airport is very convenient and it’s literally walking distance from the terminal.

Enjoy your stay in lovely Accra, Ghana

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