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Alicia Keys' parents and siblings

Have you ever heard about Alicia Augello Cook, 15-Grammy-winning singer? Probably, you would answer no. But, in fact, Alicia Augello Cook is professionally known as Alicia Keys, the iconic singer and songwriter. Her debut album “Songs in a Minor” won her first five Grammys and was sold in 12 million copies around the world. Today Alicia is fairly considered to be R’n’B Queen with millions of fans all over the world. She even was included in the list of Greatest Artists of all times, and was called one of the most influential people twice.

Well, and what about Alicia’s family? Let’s have a look at her closest people.

Terria Joseph, the star’s mother, gave birth to her only daughter in 1981. She is a part-time actress of Irish-Italian origin. Terria used to devote much time to her daughter, as she was a child. She was bringing her up by herself since little Alicia was two. The singer’s mother decided it would be good for a girl to be musically trained, thus Alicia used to attend musical and dancing classes from the early age.

Craig Cook is the singer’s father of African-American descent. He worked as a steward, and then trained as a masseur. For a long time Craig didn’t communicate with his daughter. The R’n’B star decided to give her father another chance to build parent-daughter connection, as she understood she was sometimes unfair towards him. Craig now lives in Colorado, working at the University. He is also a father of two young men, who are half-brothers to the iconic songwriter.

Cole Cook is ten years younger than her starry sister. He was born in Washington. Cole got a BA in theater, at Washington University. Now he has an Instagram account with more than 30,000 followers, where he usually post images related to his work. By the way, Cole is in friendly relationship with Alicia’s husband Swizz Beats, and sometimes works with him.

Clay Branch is Alicia’s step-brother. He was born to Marsha Cook (Craig’s wife) and Milton Branch. Unfortunately, there is not much information about Clay.

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