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Health and Business Tips For Covid-19 pandemic for African Women Entrepreneurs

Listen to Health and Business coping tips for Covid-19 from African Women Entrepreneurs.
AWEC (African Women Entrepreneurship Co-operative) is a program for African Women Entrepreneurs and provides annual programmes in business administration including management, marketing and business finance.

The 1st cohort of ladies who are also members of the AWEC Alumnae Network put together clips with advice for ways to manage different conditions during this pandemic:
Mental Health, Pregnancy, Supporting Children, Managing conditions like Diabetes and High blood pressure; Managing your Emotional Health and Impacting positively with your business.

Video Link –

Dr Sylvia Kama-Kieghe (Founder of AskAwayHealth) is a cohort 1 alumnus of the AWEC program – read more about AWEC and its programs here –

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Dr Sylvia Kama-Kieghe is a General Practitioner and Urgent Care professional with nearly 20 years of practice in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

Her focus is on providing medical information that can help people make smart health care decisions.

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