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A Touch of Rooibos: Over 100 Delicious Recipes from 14 of South Africa's Leading Chefs

Rooibos limited is the world’s biggest supplier of South Africa’s most indigenous tea: Rooibos. International research has shown that Rooibos is more than just a tea and contains a long list of health benefits that improve the quality of people’s lives across the world. These wellness ingredients have made Rooibos a natural choice for discerning chefs and is used regularly in both local and international cuisine. To demonstrate the versatility of Rooibos in cooking. Rooibos Limited has produced over one hundred mouth watering recipes that can be enjoyed by both the food connoisseur and the novice alike. What makes this title unique is the fact that it includes the work of not just one chef but 14 of South Africa’s top chefs, who all share a passion for local dishes and local ingredients. Many of the chefs have won numerous awards for their cuisine. Last year alone three of the chefs were in the top 10, one of whom was awarded Chef of the Year 2008. In addition the Hotel School in Cape Town, Liquid Chefs and Food Frenzy have contributed a number of their creations to the book making this one of the most exciting collections of outstanding recipes to hit the shelves in a long time. These recipes will show you how to create exceptional dishes, drinks and treats made with a truly South African ingredient-Rooibos. This cookery title is the culmination of a year’s behind-the-scenes work to bring you the very best of our country’s unique culinary treasures, reflecting the best of South African cuisine, created by some of the very best chefs in the country. And the golden thread that runs through this title is Rooibos, the magic ingredient that will turn an ordinary recipe into an extraordinary one. Never before has a project of this magnitude been undertaken to show the vast cooking versatility of this uniquely South African product.

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