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African-American J-pop artist in Japan Chris Hart Japanophiles Japanology

Chris Hart (クリス・ハート Kurisu Hāto, born August 25, 1984) is an African-American singer who gained popularity as a J-pop artist in Japan.
Chris was born August 25, 1984 to musician parents in the San Francisco Bay Area, his parents separated when he was 2.[1] He developed an interest in Japanese music, language, and culture beginning age 12 after taking a Japanese class at his school.[1] He was moved by the kindness of the people he met in Japan the next year during his summer vacation.[1] He majored in music and Japanese in college, and took jobs in an airport and with a Japanese cosmetics company to maintain his connection. From his teens until moving to Tokyo, Japan at age 24, Hart performed in Japanese as lead vocalist for the band Nikita w/Metallic Beasts, before starting his own solo rock band, LYV. During his time as LYV, Hart wrote all lyrics and music in Japanese. Upon moving to Japan, Hart took a job working on vending machines. Chris has an older sister and a younger half-brother
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