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Listening Test 7, Latest Format IELTS with Answers

Listening Correct Answers to Band Score
39-40 9
37-38 8.5
35-36 8
32-34 7.5
30-31 7
26-29 6.5
23-25 6
18-22 5.5
16-17 5
13-15 4.5
10-12 4
8-9 3.5
6-7 3
4-5 2.5

A few changes have been made in the IELTS Listening test from 4 January 2020.

– There will be no more “sections” but parts in the Listening test. Only the word “section” has been replaced by the word “Part”, everything else remains the same.
– The example at the very beginning is removed, therefore try to manage your time accordingly.
– Page number references have also been removed.

There is no change in the IELTS Listening format.

Keep these changes in the IELTS Listening test in mind and practice accordingly.

Good Luck with your Exam!!

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