African Owned Restaurants
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Black-Owned Vegan Restaurants In Brooklyn

Wassup V&VFam🖖🏾
Hope you guys are doing good and staying safe outside. In this video come with me AGAIN as I explore a couple of BlackOwned Vegan restaurants in Brooklyn and see how they still standing strong and adapting to times right now. I hope y’all ready to be surprised at the fact that after watching you’ll get in your car and pull up to these PROUD BLACK establishments

Vegans&Ventures Instagram: @VegansAndVentures
Personal Instagram: @_XTheGreat

Restaurants Visited
Natural Blend
Instagram: @NaturalBlend
Located: 243 Malcolm X Blvd Brooklyn, NY

Instagram: @GreeditKitchen
Location In Video: 1031 Bergen St Brooklyn, NY
Other Location: 180 Ralph Ave Brooklyn, NY


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