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HEALTHY Egg Pav Bhaji – Egg recipes Indian style – – High protein SHAKSHUKA

Ingredients: 1)Pav bhaaji + 2 extra pav (Ordered) 2)4 whole eggs 3)Red chilly powder 4)Salt 5)Coriander BONUS VIDEO Today! I post regularly on Thursday evenings but i’ll be dropping a few recipe videos on the occasional Sunday. Today we’re gonna be modifying a regular, unhealthy pav bhaaji from a regular pav bhaaji joint. Pav Bhaajis taste awesome. they’re the world’s best comfort food in my opinion. I always say that desserts are the worst kind of food. But next in line is vegetarian junk food. Close to no nutrition and literally 0 protein. So this isn’t exactly a healthy recipe video, BUT we’ll be upping the health quotient of this gorgeous comfort food and turning it into an ideal POST WORKOUT MEAL. We’re gonna be cooking up a HEALTHY Pav Bhaaji Shakshuka. A shakshuka is a North African egg preparation made with a base of meat or tomatoes. We’re gonna be using Mumbai’s very own pav bhaji as a base to create a delicious road to GAINS. Very, very good option if you’re looking to …

10 Christmas Main and Side Dishes | Holiday Dinner Recipes |

Your Christmas dinner will be a hit with these recipes: Christmas Prime Rib: Parmesan Brussels Sprouts: Lauren’s Apple Cider Roast Turkey: Quick and Easy Yorkshire Pudding: Tangy Honey Glazed Ham: The Best Mashed Potatoes: Holiday Chicken Salad: Fresh Cranberry Relish: Tofu Turkey I: Vegetarian Stuffing: #christmas #christmasdinner #christmassides Subscribe to Allrecipes @ Allrecipes Magazine is now available! U.S. subscribers, subscribe here: Canadian subscribers, subscribe here: Facebook Instagram Pinterest

【K】Australia Travel-Perth[호주 여행-퍼스]킹스파크, 750년 된 바오밥 나무/Kings Park/Baobab Tree/Gija Jumulu/Western

■ KBS 걸어서 세계속으로 PD들이 직접 만든 해외여행전문 유투브 채널 【Everywhere, K】 ■ The Travels of Nearly Everywhere! 10,000 of HD world travel video clips with English subtitle! (Click on ‘subtitles/CC’ button) ■ ‘구독’ 버튼을 누르고 10,000여 개의 생생한 【HD】영상을 공유 해 보세요! (Click on ‘setting’-‘quality’- 【1080P HD】 ! / 더보기 SHOW MORE ↓↓↓) ● Subscribe to YOUTUBE – ● Follow me on TWITTER – ● Like us on FACEBOOK – ● KBS 걸어서세계속으로 홈페이지 – [한국어 정보] 도심이 내려다보이는 명소 킹스 파크에는 유명한 나무가 한 그루 있다. 기자 주물루라 불리는 이 바오밥나무는 수령이 무려 750년이나 된단다. 이 나무는 서북부 킴벌리 지역의 와문이란 곳에서 3200여 km의 긴 여정 끝에 이곳 킹스 파크에 옮겨져 왔단다. 호주의 바오밥 나무는 호주 대륙이 아프리카에서 분리됐다는 것을 뒷받침하는 증거 중 하나라고 한다. [English: Google Translator] The attractions Kings Park, overlooking the city center is a famous wooden one. The reporter called the baobab tree is casting rura doendan or the receipt of a whopping 750 years. This tree here at the end of a long journey of over 3,200 km …

How to Make African Donuts/ Puff Puff

Welcome to my channel. In Manuella’s Kitchen we made African Donuts. Here are the ingredients – 4 cups of Flour – 1 cup of Sugar – 2 teaspoons of Nutmeg 1 1/4 teaspoon of Salt 2 1/2 cup of Water 2 teaspoons of Yeast This is a Easy Recipe to Make Your Puff Puff. Hope You enjoy! Social Media: Instagram- @manuellaskitchen Dubsmash- @theyyyluvellaj Stay tuned for next week video!!

Special Feature with Wendy Alberts on South African Restaurant Industry (30 Jan 2021)

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