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Swahili, Africa's answer to a unified continent? [This is Culture]

The news about the incorporation of the Swahili language into the South African school curriculum continues to spark mixed reactions from all over the continent. Some believe it is a good idea while others do not think it will have any impact on the continent. The announcement came a few weeks after leader of South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters party, Julius Malema, called for the adoption of a common language in Africa, hinting at Swahili being that language. According to him, a language… READ MORE : Africanews on YouTube brings you a daily dose of news, produced and realised in Africa, by and for Africans. Africanews is the first pan-African multilingual media outlet, unique in its concept and vision. Subscribe on our Youtube channel and receive all the latest news from the continent. Africanews is available in English and French. Website : Facebook : Twitter :

Visit To The National Museum of African American History and Culture

Come with me for a walk to The National Museum of African American History and Culture, which has lots to show and explain to everyone. That was my first visit, I was walking past the museum and thought I’d take my chance and walk in. To my big surprise, I got in thanks to someone giving away their timed-pass tickets actually. I didn’t need to book anything and wait for a specific time of day. So, thank you, stranger! The visit to this museum is a must for everyone, as in today’s world, the 21st century, there still exists unacceptable behaviour and hatred towards “different” races, skin colours, religions. Making this video was a joy for me, and I hope the music and pace I chose are satisfying. Please enjoy this video and acquaint yourself with necessary knowledge. The information you’ll find in a museum is greater than in the video of course, plus I highly recommend seeing the beautiful building designed by Freelon Group, Adjaye Associates and Davis Brody Bond. More info on this …

sitswana dance@zindalazombili anual festival south africa

Zindala Zombili is South Africa’s premier indigenous cultural festival. It is a colorful, vibrant, and exciting celebration of African culture and heritage that takes place across all provinces annually and culminates in a five-day Pan African festival. Organized by the African Cultural Heritage Trust, Zindala Zombili contributes significantly to the conservation and promotion of our rich and diverse heritage. Over 60 regional competitions are held and are backed by skills programs, which lead to nine provincial festivals before the final, five-day festival of the best indigenous music and dance groups from South Africa and the continent. gabriel traveler botswana gaborone backpacking libya cameroon trump gaborone botswana