Ethnologic Magazine is a quarterly publication that promotes works of art from Africa (and her Diaspora) to an emerging subculture of individuals, who have a vested interest in, “The Culture”.

Empowering Africans around the globe to take an active role in becoming the authors of their own histories has been a lifelong passion of our founder, M. O. Adeyemi, who has an academic background in Art History, as well as, Ethnic Studies. Her vision (propelled by the forward-thinking ingenuity of her team) is to unveil a sophisticated outlook for modern-day Africa. Her mission is to create a digital destination that accurately portrays the burgeoning renaissance of Africa’s visual arts and culture.

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Our team is passionate about the content that is regularly created for our readers.

Meredith, a true cultural connoisseur, has a master of science degree in ethnic studies and a bachelor of fine arts degree in art history. As an avid traveler, her travels have led her to the pursuit of an expanding knowledge of Africa’s cultural influence on the world. She is the founder of this captivating magazine and has a deep interest in the raw appeal for all things Africa.

M. O. Adeyemi

Tunde is a regular contributor to Ethnologic Magazine. His interests include (but most certainly are not limited to) social media management. He is an electrical engineer by day, and by night, the creator and administrator for Black Café, an African entrepreneurial brand. It both creates, and fosters, connections between Africans living in the motherland and those who are part of The Diaspora. 

Babatunde Adeoye
Social media Manager

Deyana’s interest in beauty, health, and wellness, encompasses over ten years of expertise and experience. She is a freelance makeup artist, spiritual counselor, and entrepreneur in her own right. As the owner of an ethnic beauty, health, and wellness brand, she is confident in offering valuable knowledge regarding beauty and health products for people of color. You may learn more about her services and artisan business at 

Deyana Jenee
Beauty | Health | Wellness

Keabetswe is the owner and lead architectural designer for KL S2dios and brings with him both a promising and detailed vision for Africa’s architectural tomorrow. His professional portfolio includes a proposal with a futuristic take on urban planning; complete with residential, commercial, industrial, and public space. Read more about how his interpretation of African architecture and design can be considered as the latest contribution to what we recognize as being Africa’s Renaissance in future issues of our magazine.

Keabetswe Ledingwane
Architecture | design
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